Business & Work Skills

Our portfolio of programs in Business, Leadership, and Work Skills, designed to cater for entry-level employees up to budding entrepreneurs, small business owners, seasoned professionals and executives.

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  • Year 11 / Year 12

    If you're in high school, getting a Business qualification might count towards your graduation, make it easier to land a job, or set you up for further studies down the line at Uni, TAFE or in a trade.

  • Emerging Leader

    Develop skills that will set you apart in the dynamic professional landscape. Gear up for a journey of growth, innovation, and leadership excellence.

  • VET in Schools

    Programs delivered on your gridlines and in your school. Have complete control and visibility with our Business programs for Schools.

  • Small Business

    Looking to boost sales, enhance customer service, or expand your team's skillset? Our courses are custom designed to align with your business objectives.

  • Corporate

    Address the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry. Our tailored programs empower teams with skills that foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

  • Career Change

    Stand out in the job market or aim for a promotion. Unlock new opportunities, enhance your marketability, and set the stage for your next professional breakthrough.