The use of Social Media in Vocational Education and Training

Social Media is a part of our every day lives in Australia. It has taken some time for industry to research and understand the impacts of Social Media in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Industry, until now.


The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) have released two papers:

1. Social Media and student outcomes: teacher, student and employer views (Research paper)

2. Social Media and VET – Good practice guide.


The Research Paper

Involved interviws and small group discussions with teachers, students and employers. Some of the findings include:

  1. Media as Tools: Youtube is a good for sharing educational content Facebook is good for keeping in touch with study groups.
  2. Social media (when used correctly) is resulting in more engaged students and higher level of completions.
  3. Some upskilling is required by staff and organisations to ensure that all requirements of a qualification are met properly when using social media The Good Practice Guide Highlights the use of popular Social Media tools (Facebook, youtube and blogs) along with some benefits, pitfalls and general tips.


Download the Resources

The Research Paper

The Good Practive Guide


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