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The workshops are set up for you to stay on track with your Cert IV Training & Assessment course, re-engage, ask questions, make presentations, practice and learn.

TAE Catchup workshops are run over Zoom from 11am - 3pm click here to download the calendar. Please select the dates you wish to attend on the drop down menu above to book in.  The cost of the workshop is included in your course fee and you won't be charged for the workshops.  An invite will be sent to you with the details of the session prior to the day once you have booked in above. 


With Zoom Training sessions there are certain realities we want to make sure you are aware of, so that we don’t leave you with false expectations:

1. You must have a strong, stable internet connection (at least 5mbps)
2. Your facilitator will be unable to assist you with or support you with any technical issues before, during or after each session as it will interrupt the flow of the training session.
3. If you do not regularly participate in Zoom Meetings (which are different than Zoom Webinars), we strongly recommend that you join the Zoom Meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the session, so you have time to resolve any technical problems you might have before the start of the Zoom Training Session. (Our admin assistant Shaz will be able to assist if you have technical issues during the session at training@aitt.com.au or 08 8432 0470)
4. To ensure your system is ready to connect with the Zoom Meeting, we recommend that you click here now or prior to the session. Otherwise please contact Shaz on 08 8432 0470 prior to the session for more information on your Zoom Session or if you have any questions.
5. Our aim is to ensure you have an interactive, valuable, engaging and educational experience.