Course Description


The TAEASS502 course covers the designing and developing of assessment tools, following the Rules of evidence so that the assessments meet the Rules of Evidence. This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design and to develop assessment tools used to guide the collection of quality evidence, including their application in formative, summative and recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment.  It applies to experienced trainers and assessors who are developing and/or delivering training and assessment products and services.


Topics covered in this course are:

  • Determine the focus and purpose of assessment tools
  • Tips on designing assessment tools and instruments
  • Practice developing assessment tools and instruments
  • Review, trial and report on assessment tools
  • Contextualisation of assessment tools
  • Using the rules of evidence and technical principles of assessment
  • Principles of reasonable adjustment


Assessment requirements

The assessments you will need to complete are:

3 x Assessment tools using 3 different assessment methods and address at least one unit of competency each.


The assessment tools must include:

  • Instruments to collect evidence i.e. observation checklists / instructions / verbal questioning instrument / marking guide / assessment mapping / portfolio assessment reflection journal
  • Relate to the Principles of assessment and rules of evidence
  • Have clear instructions to the assessor
  • Have clear instructions to the student
  • Demonstrate how and where you have contextualised
  • Trial and review EACH assessment tool


At  the end of the trial and review process, you must provide a report for each assessment tool including proposed changes.


Knowledge questions will also be included and must be completed.




The TAELLN411 course covers adult language, literacy and numeracy using a range of workplace activities to develop and strengthen LLN in the training environment.  This Unit provides participants with underpinning knowledge and a range of workplace activities to develop and strengthen their skills in addressing LLN in their training environments. It applies to individuals who teach, train, assess and develop resources.


Topics covered in this course are:

  • Analyse and identify existing LLN skills of learners using validated LLN assessment tools
  • Determine the LLN requirements of the workplace and training in line with the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Decide and access specialist LLN support when required
  • Revise and evaluate learning resources for LLLN and determine areas for improvement
  • Apply learning support strategies to facilitate full participation and development of required LLN skills


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TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment Tools
TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills


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