Course Description

Leadership is not a position or title. It is not about power or control. Leadership is action and
example. It is about turning vision into reality. It is about producing more leaders – and not creating
more followers. It is about helping people and empowering others to achieve objectives.


The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management has been created specifically for those who are
new to a leadership, supervisory or management role. With the right skills and attitude, you will
be able to grow and develop as a leader without developing bad habits that can set you and your
organisation back.


This course can be taken individually in self-paced format or can be tailored specifically for your



Skills Developed

  • Use and promote meaningful communication in your team
  • Encourage participation from your team
  • Treat all internal and external contacts with integrity, respect and empathy
  • Gain and maintain trust and confidence through your actions
  • Adjust your interpersonal style to suit the situation
  • Deal with adversity and find positive solutions to problems
  • Use emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes
  • Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others
  • Determine learning needs and develop individuals and teams
  • Monitor and evaluate workplace learning



BSBLDR401 Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships
BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan

Elective Units

BSBLDR404 Lead a diverse workforce
TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace
BSBFIA402 Report on financial activity
BSBRSK401 Identify risk and apply risk management processes
BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace
BSBLED401 Develop teams and individuals
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence


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