Course Description

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management has been created for individuals who are working (or intend to work) in a senior role within an organisation and need the skills to lead and manage their team (or teams) to achieve organisational objectives.


This qualification will develop your ability to use initiative and make good judgement across a range of leadership and management areas. It is particularly useful for individuals who need to solve complex organisational issues.


This course can be taken individually in a self-paced format or can be tailored specifically for your organisation.


You should consider undertaking this qualification if:

  • You are working (or intend to work) in a Senior Management or Senior Leadership role
  • Organisational development forms part of your role
  • You run a growing small business and intend to scale
  • You manage multiple teams



Entry Requirements

You are expected to have some experience in Leadership &
Management. Upon application, please submit a current detailed
resume reflecting your leadership and management achievements.

If you would like to discuss your acceptance based upon your
existing experience, please contact our friendly team.



Skills Developed

  • Organisational Development
  • Empower teams and individuals to achieve objectives
  • Ensure teams are resourced to allow them to achieve objectives
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Model ethical conduct in all areas of work
  • Develop and implement change management strategy
  • Develop execution roadmaps for business plans and monitor performance and respond appropriately during execution
  • Manage and implement budgets
  • Plan and report on finances
  • Manage talent (including development and implantation of HR strategic plans)
  • Identify and implement innovation (with detailed analysis, planning, risk assessment and due diligence)


Core Units

BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation
BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change
BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan
BSBFIM601 Manage finances

Elective Units

BSBMGT622 Manage resources
BSBHRM602 Manage human resources strategic planning
BSBMGT616 Develop and implement strategic plans
BSBMGT615 Contribute to organisation development
BSBMGT619 Identify and implement business innovation
BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
BSBRSK501 Manage risk
BSBINM601 Manage knowledge and information


Preferred Contact Method