Course Description

The Diploma of Work Skills qualification helps you build and nurture the future skills and attributes and Management companies look for in employees within your own team or organisation.


Work skills are those skills that everyone needs to have regardless of what job or industry they are working in. They are transferrable skills that people can learn, practice, improve and use for life. These skills include emotional intelligence, creative and digital fluency, problem-solving, collaboration, time management, positive self-image and more.


You should consider undertaking the Diploma level qualification if:
– You work in a senior, leadership or management role
– You work in an HR capacity
– You are a team leader or supervisor
– You own or run a business



Skills Developed

  • Communicate effectively to achieve objectives
  • Enhance trust and confidence in your team
  • How to be an entrepreneur within your organisation
  • Building leadership skills
  • Promote creativity and innovation at work
  • Ethical and social fluency
  • The importance of continuous improvement at work
  • Manage personal work stressors
  • How to build meaningful relationships
  • Build resilience in the workplace



Work Skills in your Workplace

AITT has developed the Work Skills program for Organisations that is:
– Tailored to your organisations PD requirements
– Cost effective and meaningful sessions that can be split over the work year
– Can be delivered by yourself or AITT (or via online conference)
– Is fully tax deductible


Core Units

WSACOM501A Manage effective workplace communication
WSASPS501A Manage structured problem solving processes
WSARES501A Manage resilience in the workplace
WSAMWP501A Manage and maintain high standards of work performance
BSBINN502 Build and sustain an innovative work environment
BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development

Elective Units

BSBLED501 Develop a workplace learning environment
BSBLED502 Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness
BSBWOR403 Manage stress in the workplace
BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace


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