Here at AITT, we have been making changes and adapting with technology. We began looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) to build upon, so that we can offer top quality training services to anyone online in the world.


A little about Canvas LMS

Once we found Canvas (and saw how awesome it was!), we were contacted by Ben Reynolds, one of Canvas’ sales reps. Ben provided us with a full demonstration of Canvas’ power, and answered all of our questions and then some. We got given a test platform to play with, and have already got a team at AiTT working on making our new content the best it can be.

We then had a meeting with Amelia and Daniel, our Customer Success Manager and Implementation Consultant respectively. These guys were super helpful in assisting us with the beginning of our implementation, our planning and most important of all – our training! They have also sent us a Canvas Welcome Package, which has definitely given all of us here at AITT some fun over the last few days.


What does this mean for you?

  • A new high quality LMS platform that’s used by 7/8 Ivy League schools
  • Amazing learning content
  • Super fast grading
  • Greater flexibility with your learning
  • Streamlined RPL
  • More ways to get in touch with your facilitators and coaches


We would like to thank Canvas and for the ongoing support and for sending us this nice swag bag, thank you!



Above all, we want to get it right. We are aiming for our first online program to be available in September. From then, we are looking to release more and more content online each month – until our full array of courses and content are available online.

For More information regarding Canvas LMS and it’s capabilities, check them out at