Self Paced

Undertaking a self-paced course at AITT means working with your trainer to agree on a study pace that fits your life! We then support you to ensure you hit your milestones on time. Your work is done on the world’s best learning management platform – Canvas by Instructure. Any smart device you have can be connected to your course and trainer.


What self-paced is not:
Undertaking a self-paced qualification does not mean getting a link to some study materials online and then being left alone to submit work. Having said that, if you do prefer to go it alone do let our trainers know!


Face to Face

A face to face course is one where you complete an entire qualification (or part of a qualification) in a classroom environment. There is no additional study at the end of the course or face-to-face period.


We run quite a few different face-to-face short courses, which are generally to help users stay up to date with current training requirements, or for those looking to widen their knowledge/skill base.

We also offer tailored face-to-face training to meet organisational requirements. These may be full qualifications, short courses or non-accredited training.



RecogniseME™ RPL

RPL is the process of getting a qualification (or part of a qualification) through skills and experience you already have. The RPL process is typically undertaken remotely with frequent and regular trainer contact, although face to face appointments can be arranged. Submissions get made online using Canvas by Instructure.


Find out more about RPL and our RecogniseME program 



Blended delivery is any combination of the above that fits you.

You may decide that the best learning pathway for you is a few days in class followed by some self-paced study to complete all the assessments.

Blended learning is particularly useful if:

  • You do not have the time to do a full qualification in class
  • A qualification is too big to do entirely face to face
  • You would like to save some cost for a group session
  • You see benefit in spreading the learning journey out