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We collaborate with industries & employers in the development of all our courses and programs.

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  • WorkReady Funded

    WorkReady is a South Australian government initiative that brings together funding for training, employment and skills activities. According to the Government of South Australia, “building a skilled, capable and work-ready workforce able to fill current and emerging job opportunities will be the hallmark of WorkReady’s success.”
    WorkReady is about targeting training and employment opportunities to the needs of people, strategic industries and regions.
    To check your eligibility to access funded training, visit the Skills SA website here

  • Short Courses

    AITT offers a range of short courses. Short courses can be particularly useful because they:

    • Are either focused on a specific skillset or provide fundamental skills
    • Do not require a big time investment (with short courses ranging from just 1 hour to 3 days)
    • Are more cost effective than studying a full qualification
    • More easily customisable to suit a variety of contexts and industries
    • May be accredited units (which count towards qualifications) or non-accredited

    Short courses are available in our standard delivery methods: face to face, self-paced, RPL (for accredited units) and blended delivery.

  • Business

    Qualifications in Business are amongst the most diverse available because everything to do with the world of work can be related back to business in some way.

    A qualification in business can help a jobseeker get into the workplace. It can help existing workers gain additional skills and add value to their organisations objectives. A qualification in business can help an entrepreneur focus their time on the things that will make the most impact, without having to take on unnecessary risk. It can also help someone who has been struggling with a small business plan and refocus their efforts into areas that can produce the right outcomes.

    AITT has been developing custom and generic business courses for over 18 years. Our courses are developed by industry professionals and are guaranteed to help you develop the skills to carry you on your journey.

  • Work Health & Safety

    Around the World, Work Health and Safety remains a critical core value and integral component of every organisation. A culture of safety first and zero harm dictates the very nature of an organisation’s operations and the way it does things (also referred to as company culture). For organisation’s to truly live and breathe a culture of safety, its people must have the skills and competencies to understand, manage, influence and control all aspects of Work Health and Safety.

    There has never been a more pressing time to attain skills and qualifications in Work Health and Safety. Our workplace is being constantly disrupted by technology, our workforce is becoming more diverse, the variety of work tasks is expanding and organisational pressures place huge burdens and strains on the workforce.

    For over eighteen years, AITT has been at the forefront of equipping people with the skills to become safety influencers. AITT goes beyond providing a safety qualification, and challenges its students to use their skills and knowledge to influence their workplace for the better.

  • Training & Assessment

    The best learning environment is the workplace. From the moment an employee has their first day of work in an organisation, they are learning new skills by ‘doing’. This makes the workplace a dynamic learning environment with the ability to shape various aspects of an organisation from company culture through to employee performance and satisfaction and ultimately bottom line performance.

    A modern, successful organisation must ensure its staff are equipped with the training and assessment skills required to cultivate, maintain and manage talent, knowledge and skills within the organisation.

    AITT does not offer ordinary Training and Assessment. Our courses and the way we design, develop, customise, deliver and assess uses an exciting blend of modern workplace options and plenty of hands on activities to enhance, supplement and reinforce performance-based learning.

    We train to enable you to make an impact on, transform and optimise the workplace into a dynamic learning environment.

    Our facilitators come with a wealth of expertise, experience, and authority and you will find us relating to actual events, problems, solutions, and challenges rather than abstract concepts. We offer flexibility in our scheduling and we design our program to assist you to achieve your target completion frame. We have experience in a wide range of industries across Australia and globally, and will gladly contextualise our delivery content and methods to suit your requirements.

  • Early Childhood Education & Care

    Every day, more and more research confirms that children are born ready to learn. An early childhood education and care plan with a robust curriculum set to the highest standards in the World contributes to children becoming active learners and correlates with success later in life.

    AITT has the best Early Childhood Education and Care program for several reasons. We have the best and most passionate trainers, we are committed to kickstarting or enhancing your career in the industry and we stay at the forefront of best practice.

  • Work Skills

    The world of work is dynamic and the skills employers demand of you are not just those learned in the classroom, university or technical or vocational institutions. Unfortunately experience and qualifications alone do not help to get you employed or to get ahead in the workplace.

    Employers demand employees and jobseekers have an array of work skills that allow them to flourish. These skills can be taken across industries and include:

    • Emotional intelligence
    • Creative fluency
    • Digital fluency
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Positive self-image and confidence
    • Resilience
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Time management and organisational skills

    AITT has Australia’s only accredited work skills courses for a variety of contexts including secondary school students, jobseekers and long term unemployed, existing workers, HR professionals, business owners and more.

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