Training & Assessment

We know that the workplace now is increasingly transforming into a dynamic learning environment. It has to. It is this transformational workplace learning culture that will make organisations more successful and that will move organisations away from hiring their way out of ever evolving skills needs and global challenges to being one that cultivates and manages talent, knowledge and skills within the organisation.

AiTT does not offer just any ordinary Training and Assessment.

Our course and the way we design, develop, customise, deliver and assess it uses an exciting blend of modern workplace options and plenty of hands on activities to enhance, supplement and reinforce performance based learning.

We train to enable you to make an impact on and transform and optimise the workplace into a dynamic learning environment.

Our facilitators come with a wealth of expertise, experience, and authority and you will find us relating to actual events, problems, solutions, and challenges rather than abstract concepts.  We offer flexibility in our scheduling and we design our program to assist you to achieve your target completion frame.


Diploma of Training Design and Development


The Diploma of Training Design and Development reflects the roles of training developers and instructional designers who are responsible for analysing training needs and designing training solutions.

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